Sarrudi 1
Biological Information

Species Name:




Organism Type:


Approx. Height:

9.5 Kaeros

Number or Arms:


Number of Legs:


Other Limbs:




Sarrudi are a species native to the world of Sarrud. Sarrudi have four arms, two larger, main ones, and two smaller ones located directly below the shoulders. They have large, powerful legs and a single head, which has a mouth, two nostrils and two eyes. Sarrudi are quite strong, and have very good coordination. Sarrudi are also gifted with the power of limited teleportation, which make them frustrating to catch. They are mostly black in color, with bits of red on their underarmor, on their legs, arms, and chest. Their lesser arms had special points to attach objects that could be used for various tasks. Sarrudi are natural leaders and inventors, and were very fond of the little machines they made, such as Arachnix, to help them in daily tasks. Some Sarrudi were also very skilled merchants. Unfortunately, few Sarrudi exist today, and most are spread across the galaxy, because of the great war they had with the Shra'tok (another intelligent species that lived on Sarrud), destroyed their home planet.

Notable MembersEdit

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