Midos was a Garrulinian who was mutated by a swarm of Garaii while he was on the island of Inesse.


Midos used to be a normal Garrulinian of water, living on the island of Garrulin with his friends and family. He was well liked throughout the island and was one of the top Kolhii players on the island. he spent his younger years in a small village, with his parents and two sisters.

Life was pleasant, but that was only temporary. Soon after he became a young adult, there was an attack launched on the peaceful island. A swarm of Garaii invaded. Midos witnessed the death of his parents and one of his sisters right in front of his own eyes. In the confusion, panic, his other sister, Marikia, escaped, but Midos never noticed it, due to his dispair, and he assumed that Marikia had died with his family and the rest of the village.

Midos fled to a small nearby island, Inesse, which was off the coast of Garrulin. He hid there for two months, building an escape boat while the Garaii swarm swept across the island, killing or mutating any life they found. Before Midos nearly completed his vessel, the Garaii had finished with Garrulin, and moved on to invade Inesse. Midos was caught off guard by the invasion, and mangaged to hide in a cave for a few days, but was soon spotted when he went to collect food. He was captured and brought before the swarm's queen, Quidaerna. She ordered Midos to be tortured and then mutated. Midos was tortured for three weeks, constantly being asked if there were any other survivors and their whereabouts, even though Midos truthfully did not know of anybody escaping besides himself. Midos was then hung by the feet and bitten by a Mutagenic Garaii. Midos transformed into a horrendous version of himself, and then was released into the jungle to be hunted down, just for the queen's entertainment.

Midos went stright back to his original shelter, which still hadn't yet been dicovered. He managed to finish building his boat, and was spotted near the ocean while dragging into the water. One Garaii called all the other nearby ones, and hundreds of Garaii started chasing Midos to the water. Midos got the boat into deep enough water, and pushed off  the bank as hard as he could with his newfound strength. However, he wasn't fast enough. Several Garaii managed to get onto the boat. Midos fought for his life, doging the sprays of acidic webbing the Garaii shot at him. One of those Garaii tackled him and bit his left eye, but Midos killed it. After that, the last remaining Garaii on the boat fired two more shots of acid web nailed his lower right arm and hid left leg. Midos reached for the blade hidden beneath one of the benches, and stabbed the remaining Garaii as it attempted to leap onto him, it's jaws snapping. Badly wounded, he managed to stop the bleeding but soon passed out. He remained unconcious for six days while the boat drifted Northwest.

Midos awakened in his boat on the shore of a place he had never seen before. His right leg and part of his right arm were withered and had no feeling in them. They were blackened and his armor had melted away, fusing into his thin flesh and hardened, leaving what looked like burnt bones and shrapnel behind. These limbs were clearly not going to heal, and were worthless. Midos used his working arm to tear up a long wooden board from his broken vessel, grabbed his blade, and limped off the beach and into the dense forest.

Soon after walking through the forest, Midos was ambushed and seized by Orkons. Being injured and weak, he couldn't put up much of a fight. Midos was brought to a large temple in the center of the island. (The island was named Nirhou) There he met Arkotha. They agreed on a truce, as Midos had no intention of harm, and simply wasn't a threat. After eating and exchanging information, Arkotha presented Midos with a makeshift leg made out of a sturdy-looking plantlike material. Arkotha had used her plant powers to create a leg for him, and when placed on his leg stump, it would twist it's roots and wrap around the remaining half of his leg, and grasp it. The plant-leg could also be detached whenever he wanted it to. He thanked her for the generous gift, cast aside the piece of wood from his boat that he had been using, and set off to find refuge. As he left, Arkotha offered to let him stay on the island, but he said that he feels like he doesn't belong here, and must find his place.

Midos got on his boat and sailed Northeast. Midos arrived on a beach on the near the edge of a thick jungle. This jungle was actually the strip of land separating Forha Nui from the Ocean of Legends.

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